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Ok so feel like I've been stuck to this computer for days.

We met up and took on board our new PA guy Mark Forster from Worldwide events productions.

Well what else could be say but yes.

At the Belgrade in coventry he turned up with a massive led screen and at Customs House His enormous 40K PA. In his gigantic Truck!!!!

Apart from the fact that he is a cool guy and hasn't ran away from us yet who wouldn't want the best advice and tech to make this show massive.

So In-between that and those gigs I've been back to Tenerife Sensatori and been working on this site.

We received tons of Photos from Glastonbudget from the amazing Alex Williams and Our new footage from IIfilms so if me and Corin ever grow more hands and duplicate ourselves we may get through it all for a new Promo Video. But I've uploaded the photos (well a lot of them) to our gallery on here.

Ive been creating each cast member their own page but Each one takes hours sifting through 8 years of pics. So bare with me.

Tonight is rehearsal with Andy Parker our new Sax guy who will be joining us on the national Tribute awards. So I need to get back to attaching more sequins before my fingers go numb!!

Take care guys and spread the word.

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