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Totally TINA's Dancers


Hi! I'm Lauren-Ashleigh and I'm the sparkle obsessed fire bug!

I joined Totally Tina in November 2019 after completing a contract in Crete as part of a touring dance team. I was so eager to get into the show I started learning the routines whilst still in Crete, came back, had 2 days of rehearsals and then took on my first show! (Yes I love throwing myself in at the deep end!) 

TT has become a family to me and even in my short time with the show (feels like years!) I have SO many amazing memories! One of my favourite gigs so far is my first Ireland trip when we performed in the Gleneagle INEC Arena.

It was like being a real popstar!

On stage with a live Tribute BAND.

Especially when on the second night we had crazy fans trying to get on the stage and into the dressing room whilst we were changing, trying to get photos! 

If you were to ask me what my favourite costume is, well, I love all of them as they're all STUNNING but if your going to push me for a favourite I would have to say the white iridescent ones that shine all different colours (mainly pink which is probably why they are my favourite) when I'm shaking and shimmying my little bum on stage.

But a close second is definitely the boogie/disco colourful costumes! 

As for my favourite routine, now there's a question, I think it may be 'I can't stand the rain' especially the part when we go to the back of the stage, take off the rain coats and reveal the sexy costume underneath!

Who doesn't love a sexy reveal? 

I've been given the opportunity the dance in amazing countries in my dancing career such as Mexico, Bahamas, Paris, Cyprus and with TT the opportunities never stop!


I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love and with the best people! I'm sorry gang but your stuck with me now!

So all that's left to say is.... 



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