Totally TINA's band 

I first met Justine whilst on the cabaret circuits back in 1991. 
Then in 2008 she approached me as she needed a band for a gig as Anastacia for Glastonbudget.
So I enlisted the guys I knew from my dad’s old Merseybeat band, The Undertakers, and we haven’t looked back since. I took on the role of MD  in 2010 as the only member of the band with any experience of teaching music, but soon realised it was going to be a challenge, as the well seasoned musicians don’t like being told they’re doing it wrong!

Theres always good banter between me and the guys. Mostly about red or blue (football). I’m a bitter and twisted blue nose and proud of it! From my first ever band, The Misfits, to this unbelievable group of crazy people, it’s been a blast!