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Totally TINA's Dancers


Hi Im Anna

I've been with Totally TINA for a few years now. I absolutely love the show, the costumes and the choreography. Getting to dance to a live band and being able to perform around the UK and Aboard seeing new places and theatres is a dream to call work. 

My favourite experience with the show so far is getting the chance to dance over in Spain over the summer, it was an incredible experience and I felt very lucky to be apart of the show. 

I have been lucky enough to have a successful dancing career once I graduated Laine Theatre Arts in 2015, I have performed on many cruise lines around the world and danced/ choreographed for UK Tours and many pantomimes. 

The show has such an uplifting and fun feel and it’s a joy to be one of the totally Tina dancers. 
Hope you all enjoy the show! 
Anna xx

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