Totally TINA's Dancers

Hey I'm Jen, Choreographer/dance supervisor.

I joined on the most exciting night of the year

New years eve!

We brought in 2019 in style and from then Ive already experienced so much,

a collection of amazing theatres up and down the country and abroad shows in Barcelona, Ireland and the Netherlands. 

Justine is truly inspiring and I really value our friendship and time spent creating new and exciting ideas. 

 My highlight so far ....its hard to pick would either be Glastonbudget festival or performing on a beach in front of 10000 people in Barcelona, this is were I also discovered 'fomo' 😁 and I definitely have a 'Fear of missing out' of anything Totally TINA related.     


Fave dance routine

I don't Wanna fight or Proud Mary          

 Fave gig Glastonbudget 2019

Funniest gig Barcelona night club when Andys sax kept farting 😂😂😂

Some of my past experience includes 4 years as a dancer/singer onboard princess cruise lines and celebrity cruise lines.


10 years teaching experience as a fully qualified dance teacher and most recently achieved a masters degree in dance 2018. Xx

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