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Totally TINA's band


One hell of a great gig!


Who else would get to play the monster grooves of Warren McCrae and all those previous greats Tina has worked with?


The musical diversity of this gig just blows my mind. It’s such a fantastic catalogue of songs... from Rock and Blues to Pop, across a two hour show of classic Tina Turner hit’s... heaven!


I have worked with this band from day one’ and it’s been one hell of a ride and learning experience’ alongside me as been my long standing guitar buddy and my best mate guitarist Jimmy Bromilow, who as provided great company and support.

My career to date has been a bit of a whirlwind playing with some great bands along with some sessions and recording over the last 30 plus years, from the days of Shuffler, Panjandrum to Baz Davies, Jacobs Ladder and of course George Collins line up of the famous Mersey Beat band The Undertakers.

Tonight finds me firmly behind the bass guitar and playing those brilliant parts. Warren McCrae has mapped it all out for me and it’s been such a great musical journey getting to grips with it all, and of course the absolute genius of Tina!

Look forward to meeting and saying hello at the next show


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