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Justine has been singing professionally for over 22 years now and has worked extensively in theatres and on national TV, she is also a much sought after session vocalist for some of the biggest record labels in the UK.

Started at the age of 11 in school productions moving on professionally for a living at just 17 with her roles as a redcoat at two seasons of holiday parks. 

Getting an enterprise allowance loan back in 1991 for her own PA system and learning to drive.

Started her career as a vocalist. 

With a host of experience and definitely paying her dues on the northwest circuit for 15 years. "Always trying for recognition in your own right is a hard road, but the experience is something you cant get anywhere else than the circuit. 

In her early career she could be seen treading the familiar cabaret scene as a dynamic vocalist

and could boast knowing over 5000 songs, becoming a human juke box at venues.

Having been told on many occasions she really sounded like Tina Turner, Justine set herself the challenge to become the closest copy she could be.
But this was going to take some transformation. After hours of scrutinising video footage,

watching mannerisms and movements, hand making the all important wig, deciding which costumes to copy, listening to patter and hundreds of versions of the same songs from different decades, the band and Justine created Totally TINA.
The boys in the band were informed that girls would have to be a big big part of this and surprisingly no one complained! A troupe of professional dancers were hand-picked, choreography based on Tina's live shows and our own unique creations were created and the whole production was rehearsed, tweaked and rehearsed again.

Until Totally TINA was formed. 

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