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Sifting through Glastonbudget pics

Hope you all had a good bank holiday.

From the massive stage in Leicester to the Mason Arms in Old Roan in Liverpool on Sunday. Slightly smaller venue but crowd just as loud and drunk lol.

So the Pics have started filtering in from last Saturday.

My knees still haven't recovered, but then again they are not going to whilst I'm jigging around in these spiky heels.

Some are amazing others i feel like I need to hit the Slim Fast and Quick.

All the guys did an amazing job and we had loads of fun in the sun.

Tuesday I met Brody Swain from BBC Radio Coventry and had a great in studio interview for next Tuesday at the Belgrade Theater.

.I Threatened to bring all the girls with me and bombard him with feathers when we come to the gig.

So more Costume washing and a week of rest, well till Thursday got a solo in Cumbria. So little more editing of the new site and biting my nails over the National Tribute Awards. Have a good week guys. Jx

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