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Busy Designing new WEBSITE

Hi Guys Sat at home in my PJ's Been working on this new site for a few days Now,

In-between Preparations for this Saturday. yes we Are back @glastonbudget.

We have 5 girl dancers and our very first Boy dancer Adam Curtis debuting for us.

Its going to be epic. WE have new Sexy black Vegas feathers for Simply the best and have been editing some amazing new footage for our videos for the Massive Screens on main stage.

New Bond Vid is looking amazing. on Monday We rehearsed with the guys on Monday and had some great new ideas then Thursday (last Night) was prepping the girls and Adam for our final Tweaks. Its going to be so good, I think Fay and brogan will be working the hardest on bond. lol. You'll all get the see the footage eventually. So back to the sewing machine I go. Have a good day and keep Rocking. guys jx

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