Totally TINA Dancers

Hey, my name is Emma and I joined the Totally Tina show in July 2021 and have already had so much fun. I'm so happy to be part of such an amazing professional show.

When I first heard about the show I looked at some videos and couldn't wait to be part of the cast. Justine is such an incredible tribute to Tina I sometimes think she is actually her and I'm on stage with the real thing. 

My first gig was one to never forget well my first two actually 😂 we performed at a flower show festival it was a very different atmosphere to what I've done before but the audience and us absolutely loved it. We even got a free cocktail on the pretend beach afterwards. It felt amazing to be up on stage again after a year stuck inside.

The second show well what can I say there where Cows, Pigs, Larmas, Horses, the animals go on haha it was such a fun show at a farm we spent the afternoon going down slides and on the go-carts (definitely should have been practising).

What can I say covid has led me and the show to some  very different but fun and memorable places and we wouldn't change a thing. 

I began my career on Costa cruises at the age of 19 had done 5 of their ships, I left the sea life and got myself a job in Malta for 6 months. It was a big change but I knew I wanted to further my career on land too. From the cruising life to Malta I then worked in Blackpool for 2 years as a resident dancer. I loved that I was close to home to see my family and friends and also on stage doing what I loved 5 days a week, whilst I was there I was also part of a touring show so I knew I would love being part of the TT family and touring life again. 

The buzz I get on stage being part of the show is incredible especially when we perform rolling. It's my favourite we get an amazing reaction from the audience, they are always up on their feet having a great time with us, nothing can compare to that feeling when I do the final kick at the end and of course the sequins and fringed dresses help to make us feel amazing whilst on stage. 

I can't wait to see where I go with the show and am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had with the cast so far.

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