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The Supreme Recreation of a Live TINA concert

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We are shocked to the core to hear that our beloved muse, the one and only Queen of Rock 'n' Roll,

Miss Tina Turner has passed away at the age of 83.

To say we are devastated is an understatement.

We know that we share our sadness with millions of fans all over the world.

Tina Turner WAS and IS the inspiration behind Totally Tina.

Her energy was infectious, her songs were electric, her stage presence was phenomenal.

She was a hard act to follow, but we did our best to do justice to all that she was.

We will continue to recreate her concerts and keep her music alive.

RIP Tina, you will always be a legend, you will always be loved and you will never be forgotten.

Our hearts are broken.

Sleep now and thank you for the music.

Totally Tina UK


From the words of the Creators of the National Tribute Music Awards 

Champions (UK)plc.

The Lifetime Achievement awards was  presented to Totally TINA as the tribute act who has made an outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry over a sustained period of time. 

A first Class act in their own right, showing a huge amount of dedication and hard work in emulating their chosen performer as closely as possible.  


While many tribute acts are content with just slightly resembling the original Totally TINA has spent years honing their look, sound and Choreography, dazzling Audiences nationally and internationally.  


Passion and commitment are obvious and Totally TINA have built up a fan base of their own and growing support over the years. 

Ultimately we presented the award to Totally TINA for standing out from the crowd with their musical skill, stage presence and performing ability.

Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
Totally TINA
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Totally TINA
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Totally TINA
Totally TINA
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Totally TINA
Totally TINA

Best Sound & Lighting Production AGAIN!!

Totally TINA’s production team has been awarded Best Sound & Lighting Production Award at the National Tribute Music Awards 2017, 2018 AND 2019!

Uk's No 1 Tribute band To Tina Turner best Female Artist

Best Female Artist

Totally TINA has been awarded the prestigious Best Female Artist Award from the National Tribute Music Awards 2016

The UK's No 1 Tina Turner Tribute band - sound and lighting

Best Sound & Lighting Production

Totally TINA’s production team has been awarded Best Sound & Lighting Production Award at the National Tribute Music Awards 2016

The UK'sNo1 Tina Turner Tribute band Best Choreography

Best Choreography

Totally TINA’s fabulous dance team have been awarded Best Choreography Award from the National Tribute Music Awards 2016

What the Fans say?...

"We were amazed… mannerisms vocals definitely booking next year… Congratulations on a fantastic performance!

Jan & Greg"

Absolutely fantastic show with the amazing Justine as Tina Turner. Simply the best! Seen her a few times and wow best show ever cant wait to see her again!

Jemma Johnston

Seen Totally Tina on Saturday at the Glasgow Pavilion and did not disappoint! Huge Tina Turner fan and you would actually think it WAS Tina Turner on the stage! Saturday was my first time seeing Totally Tina and I can honestly say……It Won’t Be The Last! As everyone is saying Simply The Best!

David Smallville

"Your performance last night at Shelden completely blew me away! First class act from all of you. Please come back next year! My friend has seen the real thing and she thought you sounded not just like her but better!!! She was not the only person that made that comment either!


Totally TINA – The Supreme Tribute to Tina Turner

Get to Know Us


Justine Riddoch is the creator and driving force behind

Totally TINA and is the Supreme tribute to Tina Turner.   

Their entire Cast and Production Team have spent many years creating a show to simply ‘wow’ audiences by endless studying of Tina’s own live performances to bring you the very best, faithful and explosive tribute to the “Queen of Rock n Roll” Tina Turner

Totally TINA isn’t just Justine, it’s about everyone around her helping to create the best representation possible of the brilliant Tina Turner. The show includes a fantastic live band, authentic dance routines and stunning hand-made replica costumes with our own custom twists along the way. Now couple this with the only tribute to Tina Turner in the UK or Europe travelling with a full touring production dedicated to the faithful replication of Tina and it’s a winning combination!

Although we do still have some Smaller versions of the show that can be seen around the country Abroad or on Cruise ships. 

Look out for the Agents FULL DIARY for complete listing of different size shows. 

Totally TIna Turner Tribute band
Totally TIna Turner Tribute band

Now touring theatres across the UK, Europe and the US Totally Tina will take you back to the early years, featuring songs like River Deep, Mountain High, through Tina’s solo comeback in the 80s with an incredible cover of the Al Green classic, Let’s Stay Together and on to Tina’s massive solo hits such as Simply The Best & What’s Love Got To Do With It

Tina Turner is a phenomenon, having won 8 Grammys, sold over 200 million albums and more concert tickets than any other artist in a career lasting over four decades.

Everyone here at Totally TINA, Justine, the Cast, the Crew and all the Management team work extremely hard to bring you a show, which we hope, does justice to the one and only, Tina Turner. We’re all very proud of what we’ve created and hope that you will come and experience it for yourselves! To find out where we are next visiting just take a look at the Diary dates link in the menu bar!

Get in Touch

Please use the form below to contact us for general enquiries, show questions or comments. For potential booking enquiries please instead use the following details. Alternatively for potential clients for public facing events please speak directly with our associated agents, for private enquiries please use the form below to get in touch.

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Thank you very much and we look forward to speaking with you very soon!

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