Totally TINA's 
Tiny Thank you.


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During the lockdowns of 2020/2021 we have seen the incredible job our Key workers, emergency, defence services and many more do for our country, so Totally TINA wanted to try and give a little back. 

We created a video with our cast to say a huge thank you at the time, but decided this year and every year following we wanted to do more. 

The sacrifices that they have on a daily basis keeping up safe and healthy is something to be extremely proud of.

If you are part of the Blue light card or Defence Discount schemes you'll already know some of the companies that are already involved. 

You can click either of the card logos above to login to your accounts to find our offers there. 

Or go Directly to our Theatre Tour map page and find a venue to use your discount at close to you. 

Some Theatres have other separate offers of their own eg child, Senior citizens etc, but we wanted to create something different.

If you have any problems using the codes or getting your discount please email us text us.

Or TEXT ONLY 07984447475