Totally TINA's Dancers

Hi everyone

I'm Nikki. I'm one of the newest members to join Totally Tina. I'm a jazz dancer who has finally settled home after living abroad in various countries such as India, Mexico and Sri Lanka etc, performing in anything from hotel shows, live TV events and music videos. Moving home with the fear of giving up dancing when all of a sudden they were hiring for more girls as they were getting an influx of dates coming in!

I am lucky enough to continue my career with Totally Tina which is constantly offering me multiple opportunities. Already I have toured around the country performing in various venues participating in the best tribute show. The team's energy is infectious and it's a privilege to be apart of it. 

Totally Tina isn't just a show, its a production! From Justine to the band to the dancers to the many costume changes the show goes from strength to strength. It's a real 'dancing out of your chair' show and everyone works simultaneously to achieve the best. I can't wait for the next show to get my sequins and feathers back on!

Nikki From Totally TINA
Nikki From Totally TINA
Nikki From Totally TINA
Nikki From Totally TINA
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