Totally TINA's Dancers

  I started dancing in this fantastic show back in 2011 and immediately felt so welcomed by everyone.


Having worked as a Professional Dancer abroad for 4 years previously it was so nice to find such a great show so close to home.


I've travelled up and down the UK many times with the rest of this crazy cast and performed in lots of different places including Hotels, Theatres, Holiday parks, Casinos and private parties with each performance being as memorable as the last.

In 2014 I took a break from dancing to go travelling round Australia, I couldn't resist breaking out into a routine when ever a Tina Turner song came on in a pub/club/bar or anywhere really.


I think the Aussies thought I was a mad woman giving myself whiplash whilst dancing to 'Proud Mary', but I just missed having a ball with the cast and I couldn't wait to be back in the UK's n.o 1 Tribute Show.


It feels so great to be back shimmying and shaking in such a high energy show with so many talented people and sparkly costumes. There is never a dull moment on or off stage with the TT family and I am certain you'll be up out of your seat and enjoying it as much as I do!


Emma K From Totally TINA
Emma K From Totally TINA
Emma K From Totally TINA