Totally TINA's Dancers


Hi my name is Chanel and I have recently joined Totally Tina. 

I met Justine onboard P&O Cruises where I was working as part of the Headliner Production Cast.


After seeing her solo show on different ships I knew that I wanted to be part of it. Earlier this year I contacted TT and asked could I join the show and luckily Justine said yes. 

Due to Covid-19 I have not yet performed live on stage in Theatres however I was part of the NHS Totally Tinas Totty Dance video and I also had the opportunity to perform in Tina’s Lockdown Live.  

Since March this year, I have been rehearsing the show at home and in Jen’s (Dance Captains Garden). My favourite routine is Steamy Windows, I just love the song and energy it brings.

As well at TT I have had many other experiences. At age 16 I was granted a scholarship at ‘Tring Park School for the Performing Arts’ where I graduated with a level 6 diploma in contemporary dance.


After graduating I began my career with Headliners Theatre Company in 2017, where I have completed 3 contracts onboard Aurora and Oceana. I have also toured Germany and performed in ‘Tina Das Musical’ as a commercial dancer.


Shortly after I performed in Dubai, working for Cartoon Network. I have worked and travelled all over the world and I can’t wait to continue my amazing journey with the TT family. 

I promise you'll be seeing me very soon in all the TT Sparkles. 

Love Chanel