The BREW house Taunton

Night 2; 📍🚐...👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🎟🎭 always time for a twerk and a cuppa tea whilst on tour! Next it the turn of Steph C That not the brew the guys were planning on in county of cider makers. With a few fans in the foyer thrown in.

Weston SUPERmare.

Totally Tinas Totty is taking over the next four posts whilst where on our 4 day run southwest. First one from Rachel E Fab gig tonight in Weston Supermare! We had lots of giggles with costume issues, the best one pictured of Mia and Kate. Fishnets and sequins arnt a good match haha! The giggles then continued with breaking the shower back in the hotel! It’s all fun and laughter on day 1...x

Totally TINA scores a hat trick!

This weekends gigs were great. First thursday at The Gaiety Theatre Ayr Friday the The Platform Morecambe And Saturday The Artrix Bromsgrove Graham and Nathan from electric pulse productions outshone themselves. With sound and lighting Nathan got some Great pics.

Reus ROCKS. !!

Second gig in Spain 🇪🇸 Trying out our new uniform pink dresses. Plus a little finale number from last night. Italian bees gees on now.


Early morning flight for us again 😴 Off once more with the whole gang (not alone for once) Off to Spain for two gigs. Taking 6 girls this time. And they’ve all remembered their bikinis. So time for round two of Totally Tina tanning. (Maybe take a pic of the boys this time) In their Mankini’s 😂😂😂😂😂

Having a Sensatori moment

Anyone who’s ever been to #TUI #sensatori may of seen our TINA there. She’s been working the brand for 6 years now. Back tonight at the fabulous one in Turkey. But don’t panic she’ll be back in Time for this weekends gigs.


Once again we are lucky enough to have been asked to travel abroad to do another festival. This time in the town do Steenwijk in the Netherlands. Had a ball. Great crowd. On with U2, Prince and Fleetwood Mac tributes. Big thank you to ME productions for the invite.

Middleton (The great black pudding gate scandal)

This Saturday 1st Sept we performed at the fab Middleton arena. What a fab crowd. Some amazing pics from one of the attendees Anne Scott And some more fun backstage antics. After our social Media guru posting some interesting facts about Manchester in our fb promotion. Where rolls met Royce. Home of football 545,000 people live there. And so on. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 We couldn’t believe the arguments over were black pudding comes from. Over 57 comments all arguing that it originated from Bury To all Affected by this issue. Please contact Glasshouse Communications for the apology retraction 😂.

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